My 30 day challenge is off to a great start!  I think if anything, I may be overdoing it just a bit as I am pretty worn out and think I might throttle back just a little with the physical activity over the next few days.  

So after a mere two and a half days I have gone from 241 pounds on Sunday afternoon to 236 as of this morning!  Five pounds lost in about two days isn’t too shabby!  I’m not troubling myself with measurements until this whole thing is over, then I will remeasure.

I have been able so far to stick to the hardcore phase 1 of the South Beach Diet.  I happen to be the correct blood type for this sort of thing and the meat and veggies approach works.  I love my carbs, breads and pastas more than I can tell you, but I do not love what they do to me, so I’m excited about the positive change already.

I have stepped up the physical activity quite a bit thanks to the motivation my FitBit has been providing me.  10k per day was the goal, but I have found myself with an unusual amount of energy.  Not sure how much of that is due to the diet and activity or how much is the motivation provided by making this experience so public!  Either way, it’s been great.  Yesterday I ended the day with a little over 22,800 steps!!!  I believe it translated into 26 flights of stairs and more than 8.6 miles!  The only other activity I engaged in for the purpose of fitness was I did a round of push-ups and some moderate stretching mainly hips and low back.

With a little over two hours before bed today, I am at 16,000 steps.  I promised myself to take it easy today as I thought I went overboard yesterday, but didn’t exactly back off too much.  I’m even entertaining the idea of going for another walk on the treadmill!

All in all I’d say the start to this challenge was a little tough but definitely cruising in the right direction and I am certainly going to continue.  I will update you in a few more days!  Hope the news will be good then too!


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