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A Reason to be Excited!

Here is a reason to be excited! I have recently completed my third book. This would explain the drop off in blog postings lately. I am now embarking on the tedious task of getting the book edited. Once I have the first edit complete I will submit the manuscript for copyright and be ready to publish. So, until then, I have to keep the title under wraps, as they say.

I believe my audience will find this new work interesting, exciting and life-changin. Please stay tuned for the big release. When? No telling, but I am aiming for sometime before Thanksgiving if at all possible. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your support and be sure to visit my site at www.jeffgrillo.com

Time Management Realities

What if everything you know, or assume, about time management is wrong? Imagine for a moment that your tactics are all wrong because they are looking at the root of this concept incorrectly? What if there was a simpler, more realistic way to approach what most call time management? In this blog post, I will explain a fundamental difference in how I suggest you look at this idea and how you can begin to make real, lasting and effective change. Let’s dive in, shall we? Continue reading Time Management Realities

Weight Loss Challenge – Update #6

I find it incredible how fast time passes. Today marks one month since I began my weight loss challenge, thus reaching the end of leg one of this two leg journey. It has been a wild ride this first 30 days. I experienced some pretty great highs, and had some struggles. My struggles took the form of the classic battle of will, fatigue and even some health challenges along the way. So, how did I do? Continue reading Weight Loss Challenge – Update #6

Go from Ozone to Success Zone!

This post asks a monumentally important question.  When embarking on a new quest, whether it is a new business, furthering your education formally or attempting to reinvent yourself, it all begins with an idea.  For most, our ideas are pretty lofty and tend to reside in the ozone some place.  Our job at this point, if we truly intend to make the idea a reality, is to bring that idea from the ozone to the success zone! Continue reading Go from Ozone to Success Zone!

Weight Loss Challenge – Update #5

Well, this weight loss challenge has been a wild ride so far.  It has been filled with unexpected twists and turns.  I began with a phenomenal 8 1/2 pound loss in the first week.  I experienced a number of challenges with respect to my health coincidentally which lead me to gain a few pounds back and has filled me with an unexpected zeal for health I now am firmly in the middle of at this time. Continue reading Weight Loss Challenge – Update #5

What Should be Your #1 Investment?

When a person mentions the word “investing,” there are many things that can easily run through our minds.  Even with me, I experience the same images that you likely do as well.  When I hear someone mention investments, I immediately think of Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange.  I think of buying and selling stocks and stock options.  Commodity trading enters my thoughts.  Real Estate investments also enter my mind and today more than ever you hear people talking about investing in precious metals.  Oddly enough there is one single investment that trumps all others in terms of its level of value and worth. What is the most valuable thing you can invest in? Continue reading What Should be Your #1 Investment?

What’s the Wisest Investment of my Time and Effort?

When I think of an investment as opposed to spending, there is an obvious and huge difference.  Spending, of course, is exchanging one thing, usually money, for something in return.  Investing can also involve the exchange of money for something else, but the intention is to provide a greater return.  So, what are you investing in?  I’m not talking about securities but rather talking about the things that you invest in everyday. Continue reading What’s the Wisest Investment of my Time and Effort?

Weight Loss Challenge – Update #4

My weight loss challenge update this week is a good one.  I call it good, not because of the end results but because of how perfectly it sets an example in the general pursuit of all of our most deeply held desires and goals.  So, what happened this week? Life happened! Continue reading Weight Loss Challenge – Update #4