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Jeff Grillo, Author of the Book, The Excuse Assassin, Knows All About Obstacles – 

He Fought Cancer; Lost His Eyesight at 24; Experienced Divorce and Financial Ruin — but Rose Above it All and Wants You to Know that You Can Do the Same! 

Does your life seem like an obstacle course?  Every time you try to leap one hurdle, there is a dozen more standing in your path?

Jeff Grillo understands just how difficult life can be.  In his mid-twenties, Grillo lost his eyesight and faced several other monumental struggles that only seemed to compound the misery he was facing on a daily basis. In addition to the loss of his sight, Grillo also went through a divorce, two forms of malignant cancer at the same time, heart problems, chronic pain and faced financial ruin due to the fact he had no health insurance when going through cancer treatment.

A motivational speaker, broadcaster, and Life Coach, Grillo is also the author of The Excuse Assassin: Destroying the Enemy that Stands Between You and Your Goals (Jeff Grillo Media / 2015) and Power in Perseverance (Jeff Grillo Media / 2006).

How do you rise above your obstacles and circumstances?  Grillo shares his TOP FIVE ways to get your life on track in the New Year:

1. Define your objective! In other words, know what you want, and don’t be afraid to think BIG.
2. Know Thyself! In order to have a realistic chance of achieving success you MUST be realistic with knowing from where you are starting out. This includes being honest about your limitations, challenges, and obstacles.
3. Quiet the voices! All negativity must go! Whether unkind words that were spoken about you in the past, or the limiting self-talk that can plague us, we need to silence those voices and adopt only right and positive thinking.
4. Educate Yourself! Learn to know what you don’t know! Acquire the skills, certifications or degrees that will aid you in circumventing your obstacles and achieving your well defined goals.
5. And…ACTION! Relentless, unceasing action is the fifth key to massive success. Keep pushing towards your dreams each and every day. Get the tenacity of a bulldog and stay in motion! A freight train barreling down the tracks is very difficult to stop.


Christine Bearse, Business and Goal Setting Coach at The Goal Whisperer, says about Grillo’s book, “Through real-life examples of his own personal hardships and challenges, mixed with humor, Jeff lights the way for anyone who is ready to stop making excuses and reach their dreams. Written in easy to understand language, this book is filled with powerful images and stories that will ignite the soldier in anyone who is in need of motivation and a good reason to persevere. Get ready for a mix of laughter and tears that will touch your heart and inspire you to get moving in the direction of your full potential. Jeff has walked and continues to walk on a road littered with land mines, but we are blessed that he has chosen to turn around, take our hands and lead us to safety.”

And Success Innovations CEO, Cliff Maynard, states, “The Excuse Assassin by Jeff Grillo is a short read, with long term hope and encouragement. If you are feeling sorry for yourself, feel like giving up or already have, then read this book. In it you will find the story of a man faced with some of the hardest battles that a human being can be hit with, yet still finds the strength to pick himself up and not just go on with life, but embrace it. It is written from his heart to yours from both sides of life. If you are looking from the dark side, you will find that ray of light that will help you to see the hope that is reaching out its hands towards you. If you are looking from the light side, it will make you stop and take a moment to appreciate it. Either way, read it, you will find insight on how to pick yourself up, brush yourself off, and move forward no matter what you face.”


About the Author

After a career in radio broadcast, both in management and as an on-air DJ, Jeff was inspired to write, speak and coach after realizing how many huge challenges he had to face and overcome in his own life.  Jeff is blind from a hereditary retinal disease called Retinitis Pigmentosa.  He is also a cancer survivor.  He fought and won a battle against two forms of malignant cancer when he was only 21.  One form of cancer alone had a 90% kill rate.

Jeff also experienced financial ruin due to the fact that at the time of his cancer treatment he had no health insurance.  Divorce, heart problems and being overweight by about 50 pounds are just a few of the other challenges he faced and overcame.

Jeff is a man on a mission.  His mission is to show through his own life experiences that no matter how dark things may appear, there is always light on the other side of a crisis.  He has an amazing attitude and personality that motivates and inspires people to take on any adversity, and win!

The Excuse Assassin:  Destroying the Enemy that Stands Between You and Your Goals

Author: Jeffrey Grillo

Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing

Pages: 112; Paperback

ISBN: 978-1515274179

Retail Price: $9.99


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