Life today can be hectic and overwhelming to say the least.  There is certainly a place in our day to be given to in depth study dedicated to our success in life.  Sometimes, though, you just want to get right to the meat.  This is the aim of this blog post.

I want to offer up a few quick tips on what to do when you hit a wall in life.  No matter what form that wall takes, whether a physical disability, financial or other challenge, we all experience a wall that seems to limit us in some way.

I’ll use myself as the obvious example and you can tailor these tips to your own personal set of circumstances.  If you feel you need help, you can always reach out to me for some personalized life coaching.

The first hard lesson I had to learn is to simply accept reality.  This does not mean that we accept the stereotypical limitations that some associate with a particular situation, but we accept the facts as they are.  In my case, the harsh reality is that I am blind.  If I try to deny this reality and yet attempt to progress in life’s success ladder as though nothing were the matter, I would do myself a great disservice.  By this, I mean I actually make things more difficult than they need to be!

There are so many technological advances in this world that we are foolish if we don’t learn about them and how to use them so that we may adapt to our situations and set out to overcome them.

Next, we do what I just suggested, we educate ourselves for the task at hand…overcoming our limitations.  This may take the form of formal education and new certifications or degrees that enable us to work with what we do have.  This may take the form of simply navigating our way around that wall that is set before us.  We look for the cracks in the wall and ways to climb the wall or get around it altogether.  In my case, technology is my friend!  With smart phones, tablets and desktops all equipped with software that speaks to us and allows us with relative  ease to work all sorts of applications, there is little reason for us to feel we cannot be productive.

A little faith goes a long, long way.  My final tip today is to offer up the idea that whether or not you are a Christian, that simply adopting a little faith can give us the strength and motivation to pick ourselves up and carry on when we may otherwise not feel like doing so.

The idea that the Creator is loving and kind and all-knowing has placed us here for a reason is reason enough to get excited!  If He is indeed all-knowing, then He is intimately familiar with my situation and what I need in order to fulfill my purpose.  And if this is the case, then simply choosing to move forward trusting that I will eventually accomplish that which I was created for will happen, then that is more than anyone can hope to see in their lives.

Take these three quick tips to heart today and go out there and take on your challenges.  They were meant to be conquered in your life!