Weight Loss Challenge – Update #6

I find it incredible how fast time passes. Today marks one month since I began my weight loss challenge, thus reaching the end of leg one of this two leg journey. It has been a wild ride this first 30 days. I experienced some pretty great highs, and had some struggles. My struggles took the form of the classic battle of will, fatigue and even some health challenges along the way. So, how did I do?

I began this challenge weighing in at 241 pounds and this morning I weighed in at 226! I have lost fifteen pounds and I must say am pretty psyched about it! Not only have I lost this weight, but I am also looking and feeling much better already! Using my FitBit has added a level of fun and motivation that was lacking in previous attempts of mine to get in shape. Now, technically I missed my goal of getting down to 225 by one pound. Considering the whole picture of what I had to endure this month, I am still great with the results. My 60 day goal was to get down to or under 210. Can I do it? You bet! It’s on!

Assuming I do not encounter any additional challenges, or at least no challenges worse than what I faced this month, I should be able to handle sixteen pounds weight loss without too much challenge.

The lesson of this month that I can share with you is that time passes regardless of whether or not we act. Had I not chosen to implement some change in my life then likely I would find myself today at or above my original weight. That being said, why wouldn’t you want to join me? If you have a need to lose weight or become more physically fit, why not start today? No better time than the present they say!

I’m very much looking forward to my weigh in next week. I feel a bit extra motivated and now hope to ratchet things up a notch! Write me and let me know if you are taking my challenge. Also, notice below this post I am including a link to amazon.com for the FitBit Charge HR which my wife and I are both using. I have found it to be a great tool for tracking my activity throughout the day as well as recording caloric intake. It also is useful for showing current heart rate and resting heart rate as well as other features I have found downright fun. All orders are billed and fulfilled by Amazon.

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