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A Reason to be Excited!

Here is a reason to be excited! I have recently completed my third book. This would explain the drop off in blog postings lately. I am now embarking on the tedious task of getting the book edited. Once I have the first edit complete I will submit the manuscript for copyright and be ready to publish. So, until then, I have to keep the title under wraps, as they say.

I believe my audience will find this new work interesting, exciting and life-changin. Please stay tuned for the big release. When? No telling, but I am aiming for sometime before Thanksgiving if at all possible. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks for your support and be sure to visit my site at www.jeffgrillo.com

My Recent Interview with Pentecostal Evangel Magazine

I wanted to share this with you.  It is an interview that appeared April 19, 2016 in “Pentecostal Evangel Magazine Online.”  Below is the article.


Official news source of the Assemblies of God


Lessons of Hope

by  DEANN ALFORD on April 19, 2016

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At age five, doctors diagnosed Jeff Grillo with retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease. At 21, tests revealed he had developed two forms of malignant cancer, one with a 90 percent death rate.

Grillo had no medical insurance; eight weeks of chemotherapy saved his life, but wiped him out financially. He opted against declaring bankruptcy, which left him with debt that took him more than a decade to repay.

But Grillo refuses to dwell on his blindness or the chronic pain that still besets his body following cancer treatment and later heart valve problems. He has become associate rabbi of Rock of Israel, a Messianic Assemblies of God congregation in Hickory, North Carolina. He launched his own YouTube channel with videos designed to impart hope amid trials.

He also has authored a pair of motivational books, The Excuse Assassin and Power In Perseverance, that detail his challenges and how he has overcome limitations. Grillo wants others to see that Romans 8:28 holds true even in the face of calamity. His mission is to share that hope with others.

“Do I want to take the world’s view that I’m just very unfortunate or accept the biblical view that there’s something else going on here?” Grillo asks. “God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness. We shouldn’t allow our challenges to get the best of us.”

A common question that the 46-year-old Grillo hears is how can he continue to preach and teach that God heals while he’s blind?

“What you don’t see is the miraculous part of my story,” Grillo says. “I should be dead.”

Modern medicine did save his life, even if it left him in pain and with a chemo-damaged body.

“It doesn’t matter what your circumstances or challenges are in life,” Grillo asserts. “There’s something to be learned from it, a valuable life lesson critical to becoming who you were meant to be in the body of Messiah.”

For every obstacle, including those seemingly insurmountable, he’s found a way around or through it. After studying at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, he embarked on a career in radio and Internet communications. Though he hasn’t been able to read printed text for decades, technology empowers him to “read” through audio books.

“If a person wants to do something, there’s a way the obstacles and crises in our lives can be overcome,” Grillo says. “Ultimately we all need to be completely dependent on Jesus. God really can use anybody. It’s all by faith that we walk with him.”

The Rock of Israel Messianic AG congregation started two years ago. Before that, Cliff Maynard, a Messianic rabbi, led a Bible study in Grillo’s living room. Today the congregation has moved to its own building. Average attendance is 55.

“Jeff wants to do something for God in the capacity God has given him, to be able to help others overcome their disability,” Maynard says. “Jeff is extremely kind, passionate about people, loyal, and loves God. He wants to win people to Messiah.”

To that end, Grillo carries out essential functions in the congregation, including much of the church’s media. He creates a weekly study, both in writing and from the pulpit.

Mentoring with Jeff Grillo, “The Excuse Assassin”

Many choices exist today from which you can invite a professional to come encourage, motivate and inspire your staff and students.  Events which include a dynamic speaker can help all who listen to become more and do more than they may have previously thought they could.

The trouble is when the speaker leaves, so does the feelings of excitement and hope.  An extremely good speaker will touch people deeply and may have a lingering effect days later.  This positive effect drops off rapidly as typically with the end of the event comes the end of the commitment on the part of the speaker.  So what exactly did you get for your investment?

This is where you will find a tremendous difference when investing in an event with Jeff Grillo, “The Excuse Assassin.”  Not only is Jeff a dynamic and powerful speaker with an extraordinary story of how he has faced and overcome many life challenges including blindness, two forms of malignant cancer, heart problems, financial collapse, chronic pain and more, but he also offers a year long commitment to measure and track your progress and the progress of your students, faculty or staff in twenty areas of attitude and performance.  The data gleaned using iGoals9 helps Jeff to tailor his mentoring to address the specific challenges that will lay out a clear set of goals and a plan to achieve them.  Ongoing mentoring happens on a closed Facebook group platform where each individual not only receives group mentoring but also has the opportunity to share and learn from their peers.  Additional one on one mentorship is given as needed and determined by the Jeff Grillo Mentoring Team in order to ensure the progress of each mentee.

What are you waiting for?  Contact the Jeff Grillo Mentoring Team now and learn more!

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