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How to Take Control of Your Life

I have not conducted a formal study on the biggest challenges that our society faces today, but I think even a moderately observant person would agree that among the top issues is that of responsibility.  I believe that the blame game has become an epidemic in our nation.  One needs only to turn on the news on any given day and listen, I mean truly listen to what is being said.  It seems everyone is blaming everyone else and everything else for the ills facing us today.  Mothers of criminals blaming  the police for their adult children being killed in a police chase.  You have anti-gun people blaming gun manufacturers for violence.  Republicans blame democrats and democrats blaming republicans for everything that is wrong in our nation.  And the list goes on almost without end!

How often do you see this mindset creeping into your own neighborhood or circle of acquaintances?  It is awful!  Do you know why it is so awful?  The answer may surprise you.  It comes down to a matter of control.  You see, if we as individuals engage in attitudes of personal responsibility then the control for change of the things we do not like or approve of lie with us.  The keys of change are in our own hands and we can determine proper adjustments in our course that will lead to different outcomes, more positive outcomes.  Conversely, if we do not walk in personal responsibility then we hand over control to someone else or some other power, authority or ruling body.  When we give up the keys to change, we are stuck in a perpetual rut, a rut of our own making.

This is what happens when we want to lay claim to the responsibility when things go right only.  It is easy to pat ourselves on the back when we succeed.  It feels good to cue people in to the one responsible for all the obvious good in our life.  Oh how we love to feed the monster of pride!  When the outcomes of our own decisions are not the desired or intended outcomes we tend to run and hide and point our fingers as a societal norm.  As long as we do this, we are essentially saying the control is over there; I’m helpless and a victim, there is nothing I can do.  How does that feel?  No wonder there is so much angst and tension in our nation today, we have collectively raised a generation of helpless, powerless victims who are angry and tired of being victims.  The trouble is that everything they read, hear and listen to through the media pats them on the back and reinforces them in their unenviable position.  Only when the message gets out that the fix is to stop blaming others, take responsibility and therefore take control over their lives and future and begin to make choices and decisions that will lead to better outcomes.

The power of choice and the power of a decision in the end is the most powerful tool we as individuals have in forging the life we say we desire.  Who are you going to give the power to in your life?  Great leaders are not great blame givers, they are great responsibility takers.  Take the responsibility for your own life, make the best choices you can, follow through on those choices with appropriate action and reap the future you desire!

What do you Expect?

The question of how to change your future is firmly rooted in the garden of our mind.  Specifically, it is a massive and ever-present plant called “expectation.”

The idea of expectation conjures up the age old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg?  In other words, do our circumstances and present reality determine what our expectations are, or do our long held expectations determine our present reality?

I suppose an argument could be made for either position.  As you might imagine, my purpose is not to engage in argument or contention, so let’s objectively agree that regardless of which came first, the reality is that if we want to change the reality in which we live we can make monumental strides towards the desired end by adjusting our expectations!

Let’s just for the sake of example say that “Bob” finds himself with poor self-esteem and low expectations or success in his life.  Bob has come to the place in his life where he has such expectations because his history shows a long established pattern of failure, bad choices and loss.  How would you encourage your friend Bob to change his fortunes going forward?  Hopefully, you could persuade Bob to get excited about the possibility of success.  Perhaps you could speak to him about the strengths he does possess and inspire him to dig deep into his soul and try again.  I believe you could excite him and help take his eyes out of the rear view mirror and focus on his future enough to help cultivate different expectations.  Reinforcing his newly adopted expectations, you cheer him on to a short term goal and bolster his confidence and reinforce positive expectation.

I could go on, playing this scenario out but I am sure you get the point.  When we make the conscious choice to change our focus and, therefore, change our expectations from failure to success our lives will bear out the better reality.  When we expect to succeed in an area or specific endeavor, our actions will fall in line with what it takes to be a success.  If I want to start a landscaping business, but I don’t really expect to be successful for whatever reason then my actions will be in line with failure.  I will likely not invest in the best equipment or in the best employees.  I will likely not bother to spend the money or time to advertise and market my business because, well, what’s the point?  I’ll just go through the motions and wait for reality to catch up to my expectations.  Conversely, if I fully expect to be successful, my energy level will be high and I will hustle and work my back side off in order to gain customers and earn their satisfied referrals.  I will invest in whatever it takes to get the job done and grow my new company and the end result will be that the new guy on the block is really making a splash in the market!

So, what do you expect?  If your answer is not exciting to you, adjust your expectations!

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How to Have Peace in a World Gone Mad

The question of how to have peace of mind in a world that has gone mad is one that is not necessarily the easiest one to answer.  Nevertheless, I will do my best to share some ideas and things that I have personally done in my life in order to increase peace of mind in my own mind as well as in the mind of my family members.  There is certainly not one thing, or set of things, that is appropriate for everyone.  Hopefully, simply sharing my thoughts about the topic will stimulate conversation in your house and put you on the road to finding your own set of solutions to this growing problem.

No matter how you look at life it is undeniable that the world is under more stress and chaos.  Terrorism, war, crime of all sorts, rising prices, stagnant wages, political strife are all stirring the pot of stress in the world, and these are only a few things I could mention.  How do we deal with these mounting pressures of life without living a life paralyzed with fear?  Burying our heads in the sand and hoping it all magically goes away somehow is not only unrealistic, but is pretty irresponsible in my opinion.  So what can we do?

Here is what I do, and it may be a bit simplistic, but it so far has worked nicely for me.  I encourage feedback on all my posts, but especially on this one I want to make a public appeal for your input.  Like I said, there is no one set of answers that satisfy every person or every situation so variety of opinion is welcome and will hopefully prove to be constructive for all who read this.

One thing I have had to adjust in my own personal life is to limit my exposure to the news.  This was particularly difficult for me as I am a news junkie and my radio days began in the news/talk format, so I think it’s a bit in the blood as they say.  I found that constant exposure to news via radio, tv and articles flooded my mind with too much information and too much negativity.  So much of what we get in the form of news is opinion and is thrust forth with a certain agenda in mind.  I mentioned earlier that burying one’s head in the sand is not good either!  Striking balance was key for me.  News sources on the radio deliver local and national/international news at the top and bottom of every hour.  I decided I am not the President of the United States, so therefore I didn’t need a moment by moment briefing on the state of the world!  Now, I still get my news from various sources so I can make a more informed decision as to where truth abides but I only tune in a few times a day rather than receiving a constant drone of never ending stress.  I still remain among the more informed of my peers on the topics of the day without  putting myself in a place where I am stressed and sick to my stomach.  When it comes to my favorite three talk shows, which are about 3 hours long,  I decided at most to listen to one hour of one program per day.  I enjoy these programs, but in the end I do not enjoy the angst they sometimes create artificially.  I also do not need to flood my mind with the opinions of others as I am fully capable of forming my own. This one thing alone has brought me a long way away from the nutty amounts of stress I once lived in.  You see, you cannot control what happens in the world, but you can control how it affects you.

Economic crisis looming!  This and similar headlines rule the day in just about any news source.  Is it true?  I would be hard pressed to formulate an intelligent argument against this idea, so I would have little choice but to agree with it.  So what do we do about it?  We cannot control federal, state or international policies.  We cannot control international events that influence currencies and markets.  We cannot even control whether or not our local bank remains solvent and our money is safe or not.  What I can do is put away a little provision here and there.  Over time, if you do this, you will find that you could sustain yourself and even be a blessing to others in a time of crisis.  It is amazing what comfort a few large bags of rice and dried beans from these wholesale stores can provide.  Does the prospect of eating rice and beans for weeks on end excite me?  Yes!  Given the potential alternative of starving, it brings me great joy and comfort.    I’m not talking about turning yourself into a crazy prepper with a bunker and warehouse of food to last years.  Although, if that is your thing and it brings you comfort, who am I to argue.  A lesson I learned from years of living in Florida where the annual threat of hurricanes impresses upon you to have enough supply of food, water and medicines to last a week or so only makes sense.  Threats to our comfort and way of life are not only economic but there are also natural disasters that could drastically alter the way we live.  Government is wonderful in many ways.  Government alone, however, should not be the only thing you rely upon in an emergency.  What if they can’t bring relief for a week or more?  See, it is easy to justify being prepared with at least a few weeks of food and water to care for your family and have a little to share with someone in your neighborhood who needs your help.  A little forethought goes a very long way to bringing comfort and peace to your mind.

Safety and security in a world gone mad is a difficult one to address.  Every state is different in terms of their laws and restrictions on how a person may protect their home and their family at home and while they are out and about.  How you defend yourself will to a large degree depend upon these laws and should be consulted prior to making any decisions.  Beyond the usual choices of everything from firearms to baseball bats, there are many other things you can do.  If you can afford a security system, that is highly comforting to have not only in terms of peace of mind that you will be alerted of break-ins but monitoring for fire, carbon monoxide are also great peace of mind tools to have access to in this world full of worries.  Finally on this topic, if nothing else appeals to you there are many forms of self-defense you can learn.  Even if you cannot afford lessons, YouTube is rich with free videos offering up the basics.  Whatever you choose is your decision to make.  Personally I am all for layering when it comes to safety and defending my family.  Doing something is far better than doing nothing and again the payoff in terms of peace of mind is priceless.  Also, be aware of statistics.  Numbers don’t lie, and depending on where you live the chances of death or serious harm through a crime is very small indeed.  That alone should give great comfort.  I almost forgot one of the best choices for security if you are able to get this… a dog!  Once a dog of any kind acclimates itself to your home, it is no longer your home but theirs!  They are amazing early warning sentries that can alert you to potential trouble and normally the barking of a dog will make someone think twice before proceeding.  Of course, there are ongoing expenses with a dog but the expense & responsibility they require are far outweighed by the peace of mind and love they provide.  If you can, put this one at the top of your list!

Finally, I will share what is for me my number one source of comfort and peace in life.  It comes from a deep and committed faith in Yeshua (Jesus).  Because of my faith I understand that no matter what measures I take to protect myself, my family and my way of life, ultimately it cannot beat or even touch the promises made to us who put our trust in Him.  Let’s face it, if every measure fails and I lose my life, what have I really lost?  Eternity in the presence of my Creator beats a hundred years of peace and prosperity in this life, hands down.  So, in the grand scheme of things having faith is ultimately the greatest relief from the cares of this life.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m still human, and a husband and a dad myself.  I still have concerns and take action to fulfill my responsibilities to protect and provide.  I just find it comforting trusting a perfect Messiah over trusting only in me.  If you have questions about this final point, I would love to hear from you.  I would also enjoy the challenge of further pointing you in the right direction with any questions you have.  You can direct questions to

Any one of these ideas, if implemented will indeed deliver big on answering the question of how to have peace in a world that has gone mad!  Of course, the more you can implement, the more peace you can have.  Again, I’m also looking forward to additional ideas from you.

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How to Deal with Crisis

One way I like to measure personal growth is to to consider how one handles a crisis.

Crisis is one of those dirty little words in life we simply cannot escape.  It is a constant companion that may take a brief vacation from time to time, but it always knows its way home to you!  When speaking about crisis, I always love to point out an amazing lesson on crisis from the Chinese perspective.  The word for crisis in Chinese is made up of two characters.  Individually, they are danger and opportunity.  I could almost end this blogpost right here!  The self-evident lesson in the idea that crisis is made up of danger, as well as, opportunity is pretty immense and has great application in our everyday life.

First, I want to just make solid the point that when crisis enters our life, whatever form it takes, we tend to only see the danger aspect of it.  If we take a moment to take a breath and understand that hidden within the danger of the moment there is a hidden gem of opportunity of one type or another it should guide our every decision during the course of the current calamity.

The evaluation of personal growth in the midst of crisis is, or at least can be, summed up in the statement that mature people will respond to the crisis while immature people simply react.  Reactions tend to almost always lead to bad or unintended consequences while deliberate, thoughtful decisions made in response to the calamity will tend towards the betterment of the mature individual.

Using the crises in my life that have guided me for quite some time may help you to understand somewhat of what I am trying to convey.  The loss of my eyesight is something I have had to deal with for practically all of my life.  It has been a long, gradual decline, but hit a crescendo on November 14,1999 when I finally lost my driver’s license.  We can also look at the crisis of cancer some seven years earlier.  First, with respect to the crisis of lost freedoms with the loss of my license; the danger there was obvious.  I was faced with potentially falling into the trap of forever being completely dependent upon others for pretty much everything in life.  Couple that with the crisis of facing my own mortality during the cancer crisis which taught me to live life with a sense of urgency and you can see how my path ultimately was directed by seemingly terrible events.  I say seemingly because in the end they did not destroy me, but have taught me valuable lessons over the years.  I cannot write this and say with any honesty that I have always responded to these challenges!  There were plenty of reactions —reactions that cost me dearly in terms of lost time, various kinds of setbacks and emotional pain.  Will you make mistakes along the road?  Of course! If you are an adult reading this, you can likely point to a long list of reactions that have cost you dearly.  That is ok as long as you learn from them and grow to the point where you learn and recognize as each new crisis comes along that you need to slow down and respond rather than react.  Recognizing the need to do this  in and of itself is a sign of maturity.  Have you ever reacted to a situation off the cuff, perhaps even in anger and later looked back at it saying, “boy that was a great decision I made in danger.”  I think not!  But when we feel the urge to react, we should allow this to be our flashing sign to pull back, slow down and think things through and look for the hidden opportunity within the immediate crisis.  It may come to the forefront quickly, or it may take a little time.  It is ok to wait and act from a place of patience and wisdom.

The opportunities are there.  Commit to yourself now to seek them out in every crisis!

Excerpt from Chapter 2 “The Excuse Assassin”

The following is a small portion of chapter 2, “What’s the Objective?” from my latest book, “The Excuse Assassin.”  This part of my book is largely about dreams and goals, and I thought that this little glimpse was something that you could find not only entertaining, but hopefully also glean a little insight into dreams and goals


When I was a kid, I used to think the Grillo family was pretty well off. Somewhere in my high school years, my dad bought a 32-foot Pierson sailboat.  Especially with the sails up, this thing was enormous to   me.

There was enough room to sleep a family of four comfortably. There was a kitchen and a little bathroom complete with a stand up shower. In fact, I thought we were downright rich until we planned a family getaway on the boat.  The destination was Newport, Rhode Island.  You probably can easily jump ahead and see where I am going with this! After sailing a good part of the day, best I can recall, we arrived. I took the dingy, which sat maybe 3 of us and I puttered along on the way to shore.  We floated gently past all kinds of ocean-going vessels. All along, my jaw hanging open in absolute amazement!  The one private yacht that still to this day stands out in my mind was ridiculously out of this world. In addition to simply being massive, it had two twin engine Scaraab boats hanging from cranes at the stern of the ship. People like us had a rubber dingy that held 2 or 3 people and barely moved with its tiny whirring outboard motor that probably knocked out a massive 20 horsepower! Remember the opening to the old TV show Miami Vice? That cigarette boat, they call them, that was a Scaraab! These things were at least 32 foot long each and had two massive outboards each and could probably do serious speed! Additionally, this yacht was at least three levels that I could discern. Our house didn’t even have three levels!  Then, as if it were the crown jewel itself, sitting high atop this magnificent ship was a helicopter!  Come on now!  Needless to say, this was a shocking dose of reality.  It was an awe-inspiring experience and humbling at the same time.

So, here’s the problem in my estimation when we dream to this extent. When the dream or the goal is so far out there and so massive and I’ll say it, unrealistic, it puts us in a place where we are set up for frustration and eventually failure.  And not to burst your bubble or anything, but maybe you or even I   could get there someday. I contend that if we do, it is because we set a whole lot of smaller, more attainable and gradually increasing goals along the way.

I actually had a guy probably twenty years ago try to guilt me into getting involved in his scheme.  He played upon my losing my sight.  His pitch was “when they get to a place where they can fix your eyes, don’t you want the money to be able to go and get it done without having to wait longer for insurance to cover it?”  Good grief!  I am as optimistic as anyone I have ever known.  In fact, I’ll say it right here right now for all the world to read, I sincerely believe I will see 20/20 one day!  Whether through direct miraculous, divine intervention or through the miracle of scientific breakthrough, I believe it will happen in my lifetime. No doubt. Period. End of story. My belief in this fact is unshakeable. There is also a little thing we should temper our dreams with and it is called reality.  What if I had listened to that guy?  Twenty years in how satisfying would it be, even if I had realized decent success in what he was peddling, there is still no cure and my miracle is still out there on the road ahead somewhere.  Not to say that being prepared for such an eventuality is not a worthy goal, I mean, sure it is. But if the goal is not realistic then of what worth or what satisfaction would there be? Maybe I am wrong, but I don’t think so. I just feel as though any gain that I had accrued pursuing the specific goal aforementioned would be filled with frustration and perhaps a touch of anger or resentment. At the very least, at some point during the past twenty years it would have required serious re-evaluation of goals on my part, I promise you. Without actual, tangible attainable goals, how can you keep on?

You know the obstacles that lay in front of you. Decide what is your ultimate, reasonable, attainable goal. Once you get the ultimate goal, you can break it down into smaller bite-sized attainable goals that serve as landmarks on the road to your goal.


I sincerely hope that you enjoyed this peek inside “The Excuse Assassin.”  Please see my product page for links to the ebook as well as the paperback edition.  You may also catch some of the reviews and testimonials as well.



Stoke the Hope!

According to, the word hope means, “the feeling that what is wanted can be had, or events will turn out for the best.”

At the root of every journey is hope.  We all have a starting point in our pursuit of success.  This is naturally different for every person.  For some, success is defined by position or power, for others it is a certain income or standard of living, and still for others it is simply having enough to not have to worry about the basics.  Nonetheless, there is an idea or vision ascribed to that is based upon hope, or the belief that what is wanted can be had.

It is this belief that shapes our attitudes, determines our focus and as we progress towards the mark, fans the flames of enthusiasm as we get closer and closer.

It is critical as many famous leadership gurus have pointed out to dream and set goals.  I’m certain you have even been taught or read somewhere that it is important to dream big!  There is certainly an element of truth to this, but I will offer up a word of caution.  I have found that if one dreams too big, too soon it can squash hope!  Our march towards success should be incremental and as we enjoy success, we then can build upon previous milestones and reach even higher.

Here’s what I mean by dreaming too big too fast.  I remember being a young man with very little in terms of material possession or accomplishment.  I was fairly brand new to the quest for success.  I was drawn to a certain marketing enterprise where the people who mentored me were much older and already pretty successful people.  They had me hook, line and sinker on the idea of dreaming big.  No dream was too big or off limits.  So here I was a relative kid with nothing, dreaming of 6,000 square foot mansions, Ferraris and half-million dollar luxury yachts.  Not bad I thought.  After all, I do have good taste!

I’ll fast forward to the end of that particular story and tell you that I was a categorical failure in every sense of the word, at least as far as it was related to this particular business.  Why?  Was I not cut out for success?  Was I genetically inferior and relegated to the lower rungs of society?  No!  I simply dreamed too big too fast and was blinded by it.  I could clearly see the end goals, but couldn’t get past the present situation and make it happen.

Again, I’m not saying not to dream.  We must, in fact dream and dream big, but be careful to do so progressively on the road toward success.

Once we have ourselves a big dream session and envision our ultimate end game, we then must work backwards to the point from which we start.  Then, we need to forge a path with progressive attainable goals which, as we accomplish each one, we are propelled on to the next one.

We must always maintain a high level of hope, or belief that what we want that is just ahead of us can and will be had!  Stoke the hope!  We need to get so excited and full of enthusiasm over the goal around the next corner that our hope rises to the point that we are nearly exploding!  In the back of our minds we understand that the achieving of this next goal is one more step on the path to the ultimate goals.  It is this that I find keeps the flame of enthusiasm burning long term.  You definitely don’t want to be a quick burn when it comes to chasing your dreams.

Now, go stoke the hope!

Excerpt from “The Excuse Assassin” (chapter 1)

Know Your Enemy

The key foundational truth, which will be the cornerstone of the rest of this book, is to know your enemy. I mean it only makes perfect sense, right? After all, how can you fight an enemy which you have not first clearly defined?

I will use myself as the example. Unfortunately for me, there are many enemies from which I can choose. The mother of all enemies for me also happens to be the one I have had to deal with the longest– blindness. I was diagnosed with retinitis pigmentosa (RP) when I was only five years old. There was a family history of this disease and I had been showing signs of difficulty early on in my childhood by my clumsiness I exhibited. Even though I still clearly recall many of the visits to eye doctors that were associated with the diagnosis, I cannot say for certain when it was that I was officially told of my situation and the serious impact it would have on my future. I do know that I have always had challenges with my sight. Difficulty seeing the chalkboard and reading in school were a constant thorn in my side. I did my best to hide my struggle with humor and was probably known more for being the class clown than being the guy who couldn’t see well. Ah, if I only had it to do all over again! I would have gladly exchanged the laughter for some understanding and real assistance. I often wonder how my life would have unfolded differently had I been brave enough to take on the enemy of blindness, or back then just the difficulty associated with poor sight.

The best that I can recall, I was a senior in high school probably about 17 or 18 years old at the time when my parents had a discussion with me. It was this time that my parents had a serious heart to heart with me about making better choices and finding my way in a world knowing the loss of sight would continue and put me at a serious disadvantage.

I could have done much better, to say the least, to prepare myself for what was in front of me. But sadly, I did not. Denial was a huge part of my existence for much of my life.  In fact, I dedicated an entire chapter to it in my first book, “Power In Perseverance.” This again, was rooted in the fact that I failed to reach out and make real connections with anyone who had already faced and overcame similar challenges. Oh, how helpful that could have been to me!


If you are enjoying this portion from chapter 1, I encourage you to grab your copy today!  Kindle readers can get it for FREE through the lending library.  You may also visit my product page here at and order a paperback or download and read now!  Thank you!

Rearview Mirror

Much has been written and taught on the subject of success.  Success means something different to each individual.  The means by which success is measured also is subjective and can have many different ways of identifying it.

This brief blog post will simply serve as my own personal and humble thoughts on what I believe is one of the key measures of success.

Even within my own mind, I can look at various aspects of success.  In other words, I can decide in financial terms what success looks like.  I can speak of the social aspects of success.  I can share my thoughts on what success in the family looks like and so on.  But, the aspect I will choose to talk about this time is more in terms of conquest.

Conquest?  As a person who has been forced to face and subsequently wrestle with physical challenges such as blindness, cancer, heart problems and so on, I like to look at success in terms of the giant I conquer along the path of life!  Recently, I posted a thought I had on Twitter which simply read, “Success can be measured by the obstacles you see in your rear view mirror.”  In fact, it was this thought, and this tweet that inspired this post!

It really is true.  We are traveling down the road of life.  At times we are cruising at break-neck speeds, other times we are at a stand still in traffic, and yes, there are times where we unfortunately take the wrong exit.  Life unfolds before our eyes in the windshield that is in front of us.  Most people get caught up in the obstacles that lie ahead and then find themselves paralyzed with fear or indecision.  Others find themselves swerving all over the place because their gaze is trapped in the rear view mirror lost in endless thoughts of what might have been, or trying to unravel the mess of bad decisions and trying to rewrite their history.

As for myself, I am keenly aware of the road ahead of me.  Not only am I focused on the immediate path, but I also, like any wise individual, try to look far ahead and plan for future possibilities.  All the while that I am dealing with the present and planning for my future I find it valuable to glance in the rear view mirror.  This type of reflection in my case is done so I can remind myself of the obstacles, or giants, I have already faced and conquered.  It gives me great strength and encouragement knowing what I have already come through.  It is this knowledge that boosts my confidence and steels my resolve to refuse to shrink back from present or future troubles.

I encourage you today to take a quick look back, specifically at the giants you have slain in your past.  I am certain there are at least a few!  Don’t stay there too long though!  Just long enough to remind yourself that even though the giant at the time seemed insurmountable, they clearly lie on the road behind you no longer a concern.  If that giant can fall, then so will the next one!

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