Hello to all my readers and followers. I just wanted to drop a quick note here to let you know of a fun and exciting new adventure in my life!

You know I have a YouTube channel already, but now I have added another one. This one is a prepper channel. That’s right, I have put together a channel all about prepping basics and being a prepper.

This channel is very unique though. Like many others, I endeavor to provide excellent information that can save your life. The difference with this preparedness channel is that I come at it from a point of view of a person with a challenge. I also can’t help myself and throw in a big, old dose of humor!

You’ll see a less serious and at times a bit goofy side of me, that is for sure. You will also have to pay attention to the bottom of the screen as there is plenty of humor that pops up in text form.

Please visit this channel today. Watch, share and subscribe to help support my efforts. Thank you, below is the link.