Weight Loss Challenge – Update #4

My weight loss challenge update this week is a good one.  I call it good, not because of the end results but because of how perfectly it sets an example in the general pursuit of all of our most deeply held desires and goals.  So, what happened this week? Life happened!

I’m sorry to say that there was not the huge 8 1/2 pound loss we saw last week.  Truth be told, had that happened again I’d likely be in need of medical attention!  I did intend to slow things down a bit.  I want to have a sustainable healthy loss of weight.  The dramatic loss up front was a huge encouragement and welcomed at the time, but as I said in a previous update I was not feeling my best.  I was rather lethargic and all energy I had was forced to say the least!  I backed off a bit on the exercise and went for a more moderate pace rather than the manic pace I had set during the first three or four days of my program.  Mission accomplished with that regard!

I did have a few more weak moments during the week than I had planned.  Saturday is usually my day to “cheat” and eat whatever I want.  Circumstances had me on the road during the dinner hour Tuesday which lead to a poor, but delicious choice at Dunkin’ Donuts!  My coffee was without sugar but I did indulge in a croissant with turkey sausage, egg & cheese.  Then Friday dinnertime came with another poor choice of macaroni & cheese!  Let’s just say I’m hanging my head in shame over that one!  Saturday had the usual cheats, but, I did get back to my South Beach Diet compliant eating during afternoon snacktime and dinnertime.

The end result is that I weighed in this morning at 233 pounds.  That is up 1/2 pound!  Not the direction I wanted to go, but thankfully it is such a small amount I can easily overcome this small setback.  I can almost guarantee that by my next check-in next Sunday I will be able to report my weight in the 220’s someplace!  I absolutely cannot and will not have back to back gains during this challenge!

So the good thing besides minimal gain is that it illustrates in real time the lesson that life happens.  We cannot always control every little detail of our lives, nor can we control the outcomes.  Of course, some things we do indeed have more control over than others, but even the toughest of us have times of weakness.  The difference is that we determine to get back up, dust ourselves off and push forward!  On to next week!  I look forward to a much more successful report next week.  I may even do a mid-week update I’m so positive.

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