It has long been my mission to encourage, motivate and inspire people everywhere.  I have faced and overcome so many huge life challenges such as: blindness, cancer, heart problems, massive debt and so much more.  I have come to the conclusion that it is now time for me to take on and overcome another huge challenge.  It is time for me to finally set and reach a weight loss and fitness goal for myself.

I am doing this in such a public way for a number of reasons.  First, I know it will be fantastic accountability for myself.  Secondly, and just as important, is to give yet another example to my readers and followers that you can indeed overcome anything you choose to overcome.

I’m not exactly certain how long this challenge will go on.  At this point, I will say it will take a minimum of 30 days and hopefully not more than 60 days to achieve.  As you know, I have shared in other posts that it only takes 28 days to establish a new habit.  So, assuming I can establish the new habit of healthy eating and exercise then the 30 to 60 day window should be reasonable.

So where am I starting and where do I intend to go?

As of today, Sunday August 28, 2016, I am checking in as a mid-40 something male weighing in at 241 pounds.  My waist measures at 42 1/2”, my chest measures 45 1/2” and my belly is an embarrassing 46”.  Clearly you can see it is high time to conquer the health giant before it conquers me!  No problem!  After all, I am “The Excuse Assassin.”

My goal weight by the end of this humiliating public experiment is to be under 220 pounds in the short term of 30 days and 215 pounds by the end of 60 days.  I’ll be honest, I have no idea what my chest and belly measurements should be.  Clearly the belly needs to be significantly less than 46 inches and I will commit to a waist of no more than 38 inches, for a loss of at least 4 1/2 inches off my waist.

What is my plan?

I am taking a two-pronged approach.  I happen to be a blood type that works well with the “South Beach Diet.”  In the past, I have had success with this and the food doesn’t feel like diet food, so I’m good with it!  I will be wearing a Fit Bit and keeping track of my daily steps.  I know a minimal goal is 10k per day, so I intend to go beyond that.  Exercise for a guy who can’t see will be kept safe!  Mainly sticking to the treadmill for cardiovascular exercise and some minimal dumbbells for weight-bearing exercise and, of course, stretching to improve flexibility.  I have no desire to become some hulking mass of a man, so the weight routine will likely be less than impressive!  Perhaps at the end of this initial goal I will adjust and go for it!

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