What is Truth?

Asking the question, ‘what is truth’ sounds like it could well be a rhetorical question.  But there is an excellent way to recognize what truth is.  The answer may surprise you and will likely give you a new perspective on the matter.

If we look to the Hebrew language, we get a pretty amazing bit of insight.  The word for lie is shekkar.  The three Hebrew letters that make up this word are, shin, koof and rosh.  These three are found near each other in the middle of the alphabet.  In other words, we learn, because the Hebrew alphabet is rich with deep meaning, that a lie focuses only on a narrow bit of information.  In contrast “emmet” the Hebrew word for truth is made up of three letters, alef, mem and tav.  These are the first, middle and last letters respectively of the alphabet.  In other words, truth looks at the whole picture.  A great example is if a new neighbor moves in next door and they are loud and noisy every Friday night around midnight waking you up.  The “lie” is easily concluded that they are disrespectful, self-centered and lousy people.  The truth may be quite the contrary.  If you look at the whole picture, you can conclude that the noise only lasts five or ten minutes once a week.  Likely, it seems it is the oldest teenager coming home who is making all the noise.  You may also find out that the parents are also displeased with the behavior and taking measures to correct the problem.  So, when the whole picture is looked at you may conclude differently that the new neighbors are overall pretty good people.  In fact, they definitely show better characteristics than the neighbors you used to have.

What lie are you believing today that neither serves you or others very well?  Chances are you are only looking at a very narrow set of circumstances in order to reach your conclusion.  Take a moment and explore the entire situation and reassess your previous conclusions.  There is a likelihood you may change your opinion.

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