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Bringing it Back!

Pardon my long absence!  Needless to say, I am bringing “Throttle Up!” back!

First I have missed writing for this blog and have been wanting to come back, but have waited until I was certain everything else was ready and ready to go.  Allow me to update you on a few things.  My website, www.jeffgrillo.com is all new!  There you will find my twitter and facebook feeds on the homepage.  You will also find a video page with links to my highlighted videos along with a link to my YouTube subscribe video and link.  Continue reading Bringing it Back!

Join Me on Social Media

Today’s post will serve as an announcement and invitation to my readers.

Actually, there are a couple of announcements and invitations I will make, to be more precise.  First, I am excited to announce I will appear on the Dove Broadcasting network tomorrow evening.  As soon as I receive the DVD of the Live broadcast, I will repost it in its entirety on my YouTube channel!  I presume at this time that this means it will likely post some time next week if all goes well.

Secondly, I am excited that an interview I gave recently has been posted on the “Word of Life Project” website.  I think it went pretty well and can serve well to encourage people with another perspective on my personal story.  To read the story and subscribe to the “Word of Life Project” blog, please Click Here.

My interview that was done with the “Pentecostal Evangel” magazine has also been completed and I am awaiting news from the writer as to when it posts online.  Again, as soon as I get this news I will post an update and a link.

Now, for the invitations!  I want to connect with you in as many ways as possible so that you can get the latest news, information and inspiration as soon as it is available.  Also, by connecting we will hopefully be able to get the message out to a broader audience.  Below, please find the links to my YouTube channel, Twitter account, facebook page as well as Pinterest.  If you have not yet subscribed to this blog, I highly encourage you to do so.  I not only encourage you to share my posts in an effort to help as many as possible, but I am also quite humbled every time one of you does just that.  Together we can work to making this a better and brighter place or many!

Thank you most sincerely!

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