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One of My Top Secrets to Success!

What is the key component to your success that could be hindering your progress above all else? There are many things that can serve as obstacles on the road to success. Some are far more clear and obvious than others. Some are obvious, but so challenging they take great effort and time to overcome, while others take minor adjustments to clear the hurdle. Some challenges are most daunting of all, not because of their complexity or enormity, but because they are so elusive! Such is the target of this blog post today. Let’s take a look at what, in my opinion, is likely the number one detour on the highway to success for most people. Continue reading One of My Top Secrets to Success!

Top Key to Your Personal Success from Corporate America

Sometimes secrets are hidden in plain sight.  It is amazing that we can sometimes search far and wide and spend all sorts of time and money to find a missing key that will help us to solve a problem that is plaguing us.  This blog post will reveal one such obvious, yet hidden secret to success that eludes far too many of us.

The secret is found abiding in the midst of some of the most successful corporations in the world.  Corporations that produce the most sought after gadgets, appliances, pharmaceuticals and so on.  In fact, this one secret key to success is typically invested in heavily from the profits gained from the last product of this same investment!  What in the world am I talking about already?  Continue reading Top Key to Your Personal Success from Corporate America


My 30 day challenge is off to a great start!  I think if anything, I may be overdoing it just a bit as I am pretty worn out and think I might throttle back just a little with the physical activity over the next few days.   Continue reading 30 DAY WEIGHT LOSS & FITNESS CHALLENGE – UPDATE #2


Are you a slave to bad habits?  Have people close to you pointed out certain behaviors that you have that are counter-productive?  In this blog post, we will take a look at habits and hopefully give you a new perspective on them, and more importantly equip you to know how to overcome bad habits that are holding you back in life! Continue reading HOW TO CHANGE BAD HABITS FAST AND EASY!


It has long been my mission to encourage, motivate and inspire people everywhere.  I have faced and overcome so many huge life challenges such as: blindness, cancer, heart problems, massive debt and so much more.  I have come to the conclusion that it is now time for me to take on and overcome another huge challenge.  It is time for me to finally set and reach a weight loss and fitness goal for myself. Continue reading NO EXCUSES WEIGHT LOSS CHALLENGE

Bringing it Back!

Pardon my long absence!  Needless to say, I am bringing “Throttle Up!” back!

First I have missed writing for this blog and have been wanting to come back, but have waited until I was certain everything else was ready and ready to go.  Allow me to update you on a few things.  My website, www.jeffgrillo.com is all new!  There you will find my twitter and facebook feeds on the homepage.  You will also find a video page with links to my highlighted videos along with a link to my YouTube subscribe video and link.  Continue reading Bringing it Back!

My Recent Interview with Pentecostal Evangel Magazine

I wanted to share this with you.  It is an interview that appeared April 19, 2016 in “Pentecostal Evangel Magazine Online.”  Below is the article.


Official news source of the Assemblies of God


Lessons of Hope

by  DEANN ALFORD on April 19, 2016

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At age five, doctors diagnosed Jeff Grillo with retinitis pigmentosa, a degenerative eye disease. At 21, tests revealed he had developed two forms of malignant cancer, one with a 90 percent death rate.

Grillo had no medical insurance; eight weeks of chemotherapy saved his life, but wiped him out financially. He opted against declaring bankruptcy, which left him with debt that took him more than a decade to repay.

But Grillo refuses to dwell on his blindness or the chronic pain that still besets his body following cancer treatment and later heart valve problems. He has become associate rabbi of Rock of Israel, a Messianic Assemblies of God congregation in Hickory, North Carolina. He launched his own YouTube channel with videos designed to impart hope amid trials.

He also has authored a pair of motivational books, The Excuse Assassin and Power In Perseverance, that detail his challenges and how he has overcome limitations. Grillo wants others to see that Romans 8:28 holds true even in the face of calamity. His mission is to share that hope with others.

“Do I want to take the world’s view that I’m just very unfortunate or accept the biblical view that there’s something else going on here?” Grillo asks. “God’s strength is made perfect in my weakness. We shouldn’t allow our challenges to get the best of us.”

A common question that the 46-year-old Grillo hears is how can he continue to preach and teach that God heals while he’s blind?

“What you don’t see is the miraculous part of my story,” Grillo says. “I should be dead.”

Modern medicine did save his life, even if it left him in pain and with a chemo-damaged body.

“It doesn’t matter what your circumstances or challenges are in life,” Grillo asserts. “There’s something to be learned from it, a valuable life lesson critical to becoming who you were meant to be in the body of Messiah.”

For every obstacle, including those seemingly insurmountable, he’s found a way around or through it. After studying at Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida, he embarked on a career in radio and Internet communications. Though he hasn’t been able to read printed text for decades, technology empowers him to “read” through audio books.

“If a person wants to do something, there’s a way the obstacles and crises in our lives can be overcome,” Grillo says. “Ultimately we all need to be completely dependent on Jesus. God really can use anybody. It’s all by faith that we walk with him.”

The Rock of Israel Messianic AG congregation started two years ago. Before that, Cliff Maynard, a Messianic rabbi, led a Bible study in Grillo’s living room. Today the congregation has moved to its own building. Average attendance is 55.

“Jeff wants to do something for God in the capacity God has given him, to be able to help others overcome their disability,” Maynard says. “Jeff is extremely kind, passionate about people, loyal, and loves God. He wants to win people to Messiah.”

To that end, Grillo carries out essential functions in the congregation, including much of the church’s media. He creates a weekly study, both in writing and from the pulpit.

Mentoring with Jeff Grillo, “The Excuse Assassin”

Many choices exist today from which you can invite a professional to come encourage, motivate and inspire your staff and students.  Events which include a dynamic speaker can help all who listen to become more and do more than they may have previously thought they could.

The trouble is when the speaker leaves, so does the feelings of excitement and hope.  An extremely good speaker will touch people deeply and may have a lingering effect days later.  This positive effect drops off rapidly as typically with the end of the event comes the end of the commitment on the part of the speaker.  So what exactly did you get for your investment?

This is where you will find a tremendous difference when investing in an event with Jeff Grillo, “The Excuse Assassin.”  Not only is Jeff a dynamic and powerful speaker with an extraordinary story of how he has faced and overcome many life challenges including blindness, two forms of malignant cancer, heart problems, financial collapse, chronic pain and more, but he also offers a year long commitment to measure and track your progress and the progress of your students, faculty or staff in twenty areas of attitude and performance.  The data gleaned using iGoals9 helps Jeff to tailor his mentoring to address the specific challenges that will lay out a clear set of goals and a plan to achieve them.  Ongoing mentoring happens on a closed Facebook group platform where each individual not only receives group mentoring but also has the opportunity to share and learn from their peers.  Additional one on one mentorship is given as needed and determined by the Jeff Grillo Mentoring Team in order to ensure the progress of each mentee.

What are you waiting for?  Contact the Jeff Grillo Mentoring Team now and learn more!

What do you Expect?

The question of how to change your future is firmly rooted in the garden of our mind.  Specifically, it is a massive and ever-present plant called “expectation.”

The idea of expectation conjures up the age old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg?  In other words, do our circumstances and present reality determine what our expectations are, or do our long held expectations determine our present reality?

I suppose an argument could be made for either position.  As you might imagine, my purpose is not to engage in argument or contention, so let’s objectively agree that regardless of which came first, the reality is that if we want to change the reality in which we live we can make monumental strides towards the desired end by adjusting our expectations!

Let’s just for the sake of example say that “Bob” finds himself with poor self-esteem and low expectations or success in his life.  Bob has come to the place in his life where he has such expectations because his history shows a long established pattern of failure, bad choices and loss.  How would you encourage your friend Bob to change his fortunes going forward?  Hopefully, you could persuade Bob to get excited about the possibility of success.  Perhaps you could speak to him about the strengths he does possess and inspire him to dig deep into his soul and try again.  I believe you could excite him and help take his eyes out of the rear view mirror and focus on his future enough to help cultivate different expectations.  Reinforcing his newly adopted expectations, you cheer him on to a short term goal and bolster his confidence and reinforce positive expectation.

I could go on, playing this scenario out but I am sure you get the point.  When we make the conscious choice to change our focus and, therefore, change our expectations from failure to success our lives will bear out the better reality.  When we expect to succeed in an area or specific endeavor, our actions will fall in line with what it takes to be a success.  If I want to start a landscaping business, but I don’t really expect to be successful for whatever reason then my actions will be in line with failure.  I will likely not invest in the best equipment or in the best employees.  I will likely not bother to spend the money or time to advertise and market my business because, well, what’s the point?  I’ll just go through the motions and wait for reality to catch up to my expectations.  Conversely, if I fully expect to be successful, my energy level will be high and I will hustle and work my back side off in order to gain customers and earn their satisfied referrals.  I will invest in whatever it takes to get the job done and grow my new company and the end result will be that the new guy on the block is really making a splash in the market!

So, what do you expect?  If your answer is not exciting to you, adjust your expectations!

How to Change Bad Habits

Everyone at one time or another asks the question, “how can I be more successful?”  It is a great question to ask, and it can take volumes of books to answer.  The answers can be almost endless when you factor in all the different areas one may choose to direct their quest for success.  Most adults are already on that quest to some degree.  I will offer up one simple thing you can do to improve your odds of achieving success that you can implement right away and realize great improvement within a mere thirty days.  Change the question you ask!  The question should be, “how can I correct bad habits?”

You see your habits shape your future, for better or for worse.  The things we do on a daily basis determine who we become and what we will achieve or not.  Your daily routine is likely the culmination of habits you formed long ago and now you probably don’t even think about them because your life is on a sort of autopilot.

It may sound like an oversimplification to be honest with you, but it really is just this simple.  It goes back to the most basic computer analogy I can think of.  If you want to change your output, change the input!

Here’s what I mean, and I contend that this is one of the best lines I ever learned in my life and I learned it at about age 18.  I was getting ready to enter my first year of college.  I was a bit delusional in that I had dreams of being a musician.  I had played keyboards in one capacity or another since I was 5.  Let me clarify this up front.  I did not consistently study and practice from age 5 on, I simply began lessons at that age and then as you might imagine only stuck with it a short period.  On and off again, I came back to music and by my teen years I had the bright idea of being a professional musician.  At any rate, I learned that upon arriving at college I would be required to perform certain classical pieces on the piano before the professors of the music department and other students waiting their turn.  I had never played anything like this before.  I sought out a highly recommended professor of music at a local college (not the one I would attend) and took private lessons from him.  Dr. Henry Santos was his name.  The piece I brought to him to get help with was Bach, Inventio #1.  I was more or less able to play the song one hand at a time, but it was too complex to get it altogether.  He sat me down and asked me to show him what I had.  Almost immediately he stopped me and had some corrections to make.  The problem he picked out right off the bat was that I  was nowhere near holding my hands in the proper position.  My wrists were angled downward and my palms relatively flat on the keyboard.  He explained proper technique was to have my wrists angled upward and my fingers somewhat curled.  This was the proper technique.  I thought I was a witty young man and said, “practice makes perfect!”  Dr. Santos was not amused!  He retorted, “No, it doesn’t!  Practice does not make perfect, but rather, PERFECT practice makes perfect!”  His point was that if I was practicing wrong technique all I was doing was cementing bad habits into my mind and putting myself at a tremendous disadvantage.  But, if I would take the time to practice using proper techniques that this would make all the difference.

I eventually corrected the bad habits by consciously focusing on the new habit I had to learn, not in the old way.  I was able to play that song for a recital my first semester and my piano tutor at the college I attended was quite proud of my progress.

So, to answer the question of how to correct bad habits I would simply say to focus on right ones!  It’s not so much that you are learning to correct a bad habit or to overcome the wrong way of doing things, but simply learning the right way.  In fact, it’s best to take your focus off the bad habits as completely as you possibly can.  Instead, in whatever the capacity you are wanting to change simply learn the right, or more beneficial habit and simply with repetition over time you will learn the new habit and automatically the old will be a thing of the past.  How long can this take?  I think to some degree it depends on exactly what we are talking about, but in general terms they say it takes about 28 days to establish a new habit.  Perhaps a little more or less time depending on the nature of the habit and how long it has been engrained in your mind.  But the bottom line is that it generally is not a terribly long process.  Additionally, it is typically not too difficult if you are determined, focused and truly wanting to improve the area in which you are making the change.

My final word of advice on the matter is be careful not to replace one bad habit with another!  Be certain that the thing you are trying to replace is truly the best possible technique!  Remember Dr. Santos!  Perfect practice makes perfect!