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How to Take Control of Your Life

I have not conducted a formal study on the biggest challenges that our society faces today, but I think even a moderately observant person would agree that among the top issues is that of responsibility.  I believe that the blame game has become an epidemic in our nation.  One needs only to turn on the news on any given day and listen, I mean truly listen to what is being said.  It seems everyone is blaming everyone else and everything else for the ills facing us today.  Mothers of criminals blaming  the police for their adult children being killed in a police chase.  You have anti-gun people blaming gun manufacturers for violence.  Republicans blame democrats and democrats blaming republicans for everything that is wrong in our nation.  And the list goes on almost without end!

How often do you see this mindset creeping into your own neighborhood or circle of acquaintances?  It is awful!  Do you know why it is so awful?  The answer may surprise you.  It comes down to a matter of control.  You see, if we as individuals engage in attitudes of personal responsibility then the control for change of the things we do not like or approve of lie with us.  The keys of change are in our own hands and we can determine proper adjustments in our course that will lead to different outcomes, more positive outcomes.  Conversely, if we do not walk in personal responsibility then we hand over control to someone else or some other power, authority or ruling body.  When we give up the keys to change, we are stuck in a perpetual rut, a rut of our own making.

This is what happens when we want to lay claim to the responsibility when things go right only.  It is easy to pat ourselves on the back when we succeed.  It feels good to cue people in to the one responsible for all the obvious good in our life.  Oh how we love to feed the monster of pride!  When the outcomes of our own decisions are not the desired or intended outcomes we tend to run and hide and point our fingers as a societal norm.  As long as we do this, we are essentially saying the control is over there; I’m helpless and a victim, there is nothing I can do.  How does that feel?  No wonder there is so much angst and tension in our nation today, we have collectively raised a generation of helpless, powerless victims who are angry and tired of being victims.  The trouble is that everything they read, hear and listen to through the media pats them on the back and reinforces them in their unenviable position.  Only when the message gets out that the fix is to stop blaming others, take responsibility and therefore take control over their lives and future and begin to make choices and decisions that will lead to better outcomes.

The power of choice and the power of a decision in the end is the most powerful tool we as individuals have in forging the life we say we desire.  Who are you going to give the power to in your life?  Great leaders are not great blame givers, they are great responsibility takers.  Take the responsibility for your own life, make the best choices you can, follow through on those choices with appropriate action and reap the future you desire!

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Rearview Mirror

Much has been written and taught on the subject of success.  Success means something different to each individual.  The means by which success is measured also is subjective and can have many different ways of identifying it.

This brief blog post will simply serve as my own personal and humble thoughts on what I believe is one of the key measures of success.

Even within my own mind, I can look at various aspects of success.  In other words, I can decide in financial terms what success looks like.  I can speak of the social aspects of success.  I can share my thoughts on what success in the family looks like and so on.  But, the aspect I will choose to talk about this time is more in terms of conquest.

Conquest?  As a person who has been forced to face and subsequently wrestle with physical challenges such as blindness, cancer, heart problems and so on, I like to look at success in terms of the giant I conquer along the path of life!  Recently, I posted a thought I had on Twitter which simply read, “Success can be measured by the obstacles you see in your rear view mirror.”  In fact, it was this thought, and this tweet that inspired this post!

It really is true.  We are traveling down the road of life.  At times we are cruising at break-neck speeds, other times we are at a stand still in traffic, and yes, there are times where we unfortunately take the wrong exit.  Life unfolds before our eyes in the windshield that is in front of us.  Most people get caught up in the obstacles that lie ahead and then find themselves paralyzed with fear or indecision.  Others find themselves swerving all over the place because their gaze is trapped in the rear view mirror lost in endless thoughts of what might have been, or trying to unravel the mess of bad decisions and trying to rewrite their history.

As for myself, I am keenly aware of the road ahead of me.  Not only am I focused on the immediate path, but I also, like any wise individual, try to look far ahead and plan for future possibilities.  All the while that I am dealing with the present and planning for my future I find it valuable to glance in the rear view mirror.  This type of reflection in my case is done so I can remind myself of the obstacles, or giants, I have already faced and conquered.  It gives me great strength and encouragement knowing what I have already come through.  It is this knowledge that boosts my confidence and steels my resolve to refuse to shrink back from present or future troubles.

I encourage you today to take a quick look back, specifically at the giants you have slain in your past.  I am certain there are at least a few!  Don’t stay there too long though!  Just long enough to remind yourself that even though the giant at the time seemed insurmountable, they clearly lie on the road behind you no longer a concern.  If that giant can fall, then so will the next one!

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