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Is the Decision Maker in?


If you have ever been a sales person, or simply been on the receiving end of a phone call, you have undoubtedly heard this many times before.  Don’t worry, and please refrain from any flashbacks, as I am not selling you anything!

I want to take you for a moment and focus in on a very important and all too often overlooked fact in life.  In society today it is en vogue to play the blame game.  No matter what the situation, and no matter the circumstances we find ourselves in, many of us like to look outward rather than inward when it comes to responsibility.  It is so easy to blame others, or chance for our lot in life.  WE easily and quickly place blame, inadvertently at times as well, when things do not go our way and we do not get the desired result from a particular effort.  This is the easy default setting we can sometimes find ourselves preset with in our minds.  It is insidious and can cause us irreparable harm if we allow it.

Rather than taking this approach, I want to instead suggest that you look inward as your first reaction.  A mature person responds while an immature person reacts.  So, truly I want you to respond inwardly to put it more correctly.

No matter what point you find yourself on your own life journey, if you are not satisfied with whee you are it is time to ask yourself a question.  Who is ultimately my decision maker?  Plenty of good, Bible minded people will quickly jump to saying the Jesus, or the Father are ultimately the decision maker in our lives.  As a believer myself, I can understand that logic, however, there is a key idea you must consider before even answering that way!  That pesky little thing called, ‘free will.’  Uh oh, Jeff!  You just took away a crutch I lean on!  Yes, I did!  Yes, the Almighty is supreme in all things, however, he has given us final say in the choices we make in our lives, right down to where we spend eternity.  So, now that I have stolen that excuse from you, let me ask the question again.  Who is the ultimate decision maker in your lie?  If you answered, ‘me’ then I say you have answered correctly.  If you are not incarcerated this is true.

It is funny, out of all the videos I have currently posted on my ‘Throttle p Radio’ YouTube channel, the one with the least views by far is the one on ‘Personal Responsibility.’  I had a feeling that would be the case, but I am blown away by the fact that even weeks after its release I literally have had two views on that one!  Near the top is a blooper segment I put together!

You must, if you want to improve your life and your future, understand that you and you alone are the one upon whom all and ultimate responsibility alls for all your decisions!  That is a staggering thought for many, I know.  Don’t let it overwhelm you, though, simply accept it and get in touch with what you can do to make things better.

Find yourself a mentor or life coach to help you.  What is the difference?  A mentor is a person with specific expertise in an area you want to master.  For example if you are looking to become a better public speaker then you will want to find a mentor who is very successful in that area of life and is willing to share with you what they know.  A life coach is a person who may not necessarily be an expert on your specific area you are trying to overcome, but have enormous value in helping you become the best you can be.  They use typically non-judgmental techniques of listening to your needs and setting forth an actionable plan you can follow to greatly improve your results.  They also give you tremendous accountability and help to keep you on track.  The important thing is that you find a person with credibility that you can trust and who has overcome great challenges and help you to overcome yours!

A little news update here in closing.  I am nearly down with the process of editing my second book and will announce soon it’s release!  Be looking for that.  Also, remember always I offer three platforms by which you can get some of what you need to overcome your challenges, and they are all absolutely free!  Naturally, there is this blog.  Please also take advantage of my podcast and YouTube channel.  Together these three, free resources can help you greatly to move forward and overcome your challenges and achieve greater things in your lie.  If you are looking for even more help than this, I would suggest you get a copy of my paperback book, “Power In Perseverance,” which can be found on my product page at www.jeffgrillo.com.   If you are still wanting more, you can contact me through my contact page at my website or email me direct at jeff@jeffgrillo.com .  Let me know your specific situation and what you are wanting help with.  If I feel I am the best match for you and can greatly assist you in reaching your goals, then I can arrange a free initial consultation.

Whatever your path that you choose, remember, YOU CHOOSE!  You are ultimately the decision maker in your life.