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What’s Your Excuse?

Jeff is Blind, Had Cancer, Chronic Pain, Divorce, Financial Hardship, Heart Problems, But Today He is a Motivational Speaker, Author & Mentor.

What do you get when you combine several major life challenges with an unquenchable and determined spirit? Ask Jeff Grillo this question and you will find the answer is a person on a life quest to be a difference maker through coaching and motivational speaking!  Jeff has quickly become an authority in the personal development and self-help universe.

Enjoying a walk with my "new eyes" courtesy of Southeastern Guide Dogs!
Enjoying a walk with my “new eyes” courtesy of Southeastern Guide Dogs!

Diagnosed with a hereditary degenerative retinal condition as a young child, Jeff has spent a lifetime learning to adjust to ever decreasing visual acuity. November 14, 1999 is a day that Jeff will never forget, because it was the day he lost his driver’s license due to this terrible disease.

When Jeff was only 21 years old, he was diagnosed with two forms of malignant cancer at the same time! One form of testicular cancer came with a 90% kill rate.

For several years, Jeff was under the care of a cardiologist for chronic chest pain caused by a bad heart valve and also faced surgery to correct heart arrhythmia.

jeff-in-hospital-motivationalAdd to these monumental struggles the fact that he was crushed by six figure debt brought on by cancer treatment without health insurance, divorce and other life-challenges, you can see how someone could easily throw in the towel and give up on life!

jeff-on-stage-motivationalThis former radio broadcaster has evolved over the years into a published author, speaker and life coach. The highly inspirational message that Jeff brings will not only lift your spirits and motivate you and your audience, but you will also learn that the very real struggles you face daily can indeed be conquered!

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