Comfort Killer

Is there something you want to do or accomplish?  Is this thing that you want causing you stress, worry or anxiety?  Do you wish you could skip past the challenges of getting started and simply find yourself in the comfort of already being fully immersed in the realization of your goal?  If you find yourself mulling over similar questions in your mind, then you have come to the right place!

Comfort zones, we all have them.  A comfort zone is that place where we are totally familiar with our surroundings and experiences.  Variables and the unknown have largely been relegated to the past and our current reality is filled with the familiar.  Sometimes even if we are in a situation that has quite a bit of struggle and lack of abundance, we can somehow become comfortable in a certain level of discomfort.  Why is that?  Again it comes back to the known is much preferable to us than the unknown.

Fear has killed more dreams than anything I can personally think of at this moment.  Fear of the unknown is what normally lies just beyond the comfort zone.  However, if this monster can be conquered, we can then expand the borders of that comfort zone to include more, and accomplish more than we ever could within the confines of “the zone.”

So, how do we expand the borders of our current existence?  Are you ready for the cliche?  You likely need to adopt the NIKE slogan and “just do it!”  There is only so much much planning and considering of “what if’s” that we can do.  There are only so many contingency plans that we can make.  At some point we need to stop asking those in the pool if the water is fine.  We need to stop stretching our leg down from the diving board and attempting to dip our toe in the water to see if it is ok.  At some point me need to recognize that others have gone before us and lived to tell their own tale of success.  I hate to say it, but there comes a time where we all need to put up or shut up!  I challenge you today to dive on in!  Sure there may be a moment or two when you cringe and wonder what in the world you have just done.  Even if a mistake has been made you still win.  How?  You overcame a fear, expanded the border some and put your train in motion.

You were created for success.  Don’t believe me?  You may just have to trust me on this one, but I speak from experience and knowledge.  We were all created for a purpose and were well quipped to complete that mission.  Sometimes you need only take a leap of faith and wave good-bye to comfort and greet the unknown with a smile and simply get used to that feeling.  There will always be more ground to cover, more goals to conquer and to that end you will always continue to grow if you choose to take that first step.

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