Go from Ozone to Success Zone!

This post asks a monumentally important question.  When embarking on a new quest, whether it is a new business, furthering your education formally or attempting to reinvent yourself, it all begins with an idea.  For most, our ideas are pretty lofty and tend to reside in the ozone some place.  Our job at this point, if we truly intend to make the idea a reality, is to bring that idea from the ozone to the success zone!
It is my contention that the most successful people are not necessarily those with the best answers, but rather those who ask the best questions.  To ultimately end in the success zone, we need the right plan and that plan comes from asking the best questions.

On the most basic and rudimentary level some of those questions may look like: “How long will this take?” “How much time and energy will this take to become reality?”  “Am I willing to do what it takes to make this happen?” “What is my time frame?”

The list of questions tend to propagate themselves according to the individual goal.  They also become more specific as you get the goal closer in front of you.

The role of the life coach is simple yet complex at the same time.  One role is to serve in the role of support to the client, ensuring that the needs of the client are paramount.  Another goal is to be wildly inquisitive and ask the right questions which assist the client to see things in new ways and discover their own way in a manner that is valuable, powerful and fulfilling for the individual client.

Coaches that are telling clients what they should do are likely better suited for the role of advice columnist or fortune teller than coach.

Ultimately, in order for the client to bring their goals and dreams from the ozone to the success zone, the ideas, values and motivations need to be their own.  It is the job of the coach to give the client the tools they need to discover and obtain their desired outcome.

I personally know what it is like to have amazing, huge and wonderful goals that were so out of reach that it left me feeling like a failure before I ever started!  I know what it is like to face crazy, huge obstacles and challenges far beyond what most people face.  I’m talking about the loss of my eyesight, two forms of malignant cancer, heart problems, chronic pain and the list goes on.  I know the process that has worked for multitudes of people before and after me, and, yes, they have worked and continue to work for me even today.

I invite and challenge you today to do two things that will help you as you endeavor to make your goals and dreams reality.  First, visit my website www.jeffgrillo.com and be sure to sign up for my FREE inspirational newsletter.  You can find the subscribe link at the top of the sidebar on every page.  Secondly, visit my Contact page and reach out and let me know that you would like your FREE consultation, usually 20 minutes.  There is no obligation.  Allow me the opportunity to learn about you and your needs, goals, desires and most pressing challenges that stand in your way.  It will be the wisest investment of twenty minutes you have ever made.

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