What Should be Your #1 Investment?

When a person mentions the word “investing,” there are many things that can easily run through our minds.  Even with me, I experience the same images that you likely do as well.  When I hear someone mention investments, I immediately think of Wall Street and the New York Stock Exchange.  I think of buying and selling stocks and stock options.  Commodity trading enters my thoughts.  Real Estate investments also enter my mind and today more than ever you hear people talking about investing in precious metals.  Oddly enough there is one single investment that trumps all others in terms of its level of value and worth. What is the most valuable thing you can invest in?

It should seem obvious, but you almost never hear of anyone talking about it.  I’m talking about the most valuable of all commodities: time.  Precious time.  Before we enter this life we are allotted a finite number of days with which we are to live and produce something of value.  An allotment of time with which we are to invest and apply our gifts to make something great.  But how many of us ever realize this truth?

There are really only two ways you can use time.  You can spend time or invest time.  If you are thinking there is a third, wasting time, I personally put that in the spend category.  Just like money, once you spend it, it’s gone.  Unless you are spending your time, like money, on something of greater value it is in the end wasted.

Wealthy people and poor people have the very same 168 hours in each and every week.  The difference between the two people is the way in which they look at time.  One may spend their time sitting around watching TV, playing video games or goofing around with friends.  This person may have a number of activities they engage in that fall under the category of entertainment and leisure.  The other person enjoys the same things, however, they see the importance of time and instead invest in their personal development and improvement of their financial condition.  Money isn’t everything; it is little more than a tool.  But,  this tool, if looked at properly can be used to build a life that in the end provides far more fulfillment, satisfaction, meaning and, yes, even entertainment than if time was simply spent.

Which person do you want to be?  Silly question, I know.  You are obviously here on my site and reading a success blog so anyone can see you would rather be the person who invests his/her time wisely.  How do you invest?  Formal education trains you for a job or career, but investing in self-education will create you a life more satisfying.  Choose wisely and invest time in positive, inspiring and motivating blogs like this one, books like I have written and many others have written as well.  Find yourself a life coach or mentor that has faced and overcome great challenges in life and who can lead you through the challenges you face on your way to success.  Sure, while you pour into your self-growth you will likely trade hours for dollars at a job, and that is ok.  Over time you will acquire the skill set, knowledge and value that you can deliver to someone else in the form of a product or service.  The time passes at the same rate.  The next two or three years will pass regardless of whether or not you pursue change.  Why not dive in and commit to the work of developing yourself into the wealth machine you were born to be?  A little sacrifice today will go a long way tomorrow!

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