One of My Top Secrets to Success!

What is the key component to your success that could be hindering your progress above all else? There are many things that can serve as obstacles on the road to success. Some are far more clear and obvious than others. Some are obvious, but so challenging they take great effort and time to overcome, while others take minor adjustments to clear the hurdle. Some challenges are most daunting of all, not because of their complexity or enormity, but because they are so elusive! Such is the target of this blog post today. Let’s take a look at what, in my opinion, is likely the number one detour on the highway to success for most people. That obstacle I am talking about is passion, or the lack thereof!

Do you or someone you know get excited about a goal, a business or some other achievement they think they want to tackle? They get in pretty deep and after a fairly short time when resistance is met, or success doesn’t fall into their laps as fast as they thought, they taper off quickly in their enthusiasm? In fact, you or this person you know may jump from goal to goal, or business to business often. This is rooted in a lack of passion. Well, let me be more specific, in that, a person like this has plenty of passion for success or else they would not be so willing to jump in and get at it. What truly is lacking is a lack of focused passion.

The mere fact that you keep trying new ideas and jump from project to project is indicative you have passion. But, your lack of ability to stick with a plan and follow it through to completion is a sign of lack of focused passion. Better to spend a lot of time developing laser-like focus on what it is that you are truly passionate about to the core, then develop your goal or business around that passion. It will matter little when obstacles come because your passion will not cause you to jump ship and latch onto another idea, but will cause you to cling more tightly to your vision and push past the temporal challenge. The creative juices in you will be naturally stirred up to cause you to find the proper course adjustment in order to reach your goal.

In the sailing world, it is settled science that there are no such things as a straight line path from point A to point B. The waves toss you to and fro and the winds shift and change as they will. It is up to the captain of the sailing vessel to discern the wind direction and adjust his sails accordingly to take him further down the charted course towards his eventual goal. This is a lesson we would be wise to take to heart and adapt to our everyday lives and especially as it pertains to success.

Listen, my life has thrown so many insane obstacles before me. It would have been so easy at any point over my life to jump ship on my dreams to help others and have an impact on the world in which I live. It would have been easy to focus on a a paycheck or do what others suggested I do instead. I kept my eyes on my goals and even when blindness and cancer and heart problems and divorce and debt blew my way, I adjusted my sails and began to plot my course forward. The first book, “Power in Perseverance” was written. Then I finally finished my Bachelor’s Degree. Then the second book, “The Excuse Assassin” was put down on paper. Along the way, I promoted my message on social media, my blogs and other guest blogs, then radio interviews magazine interviews and finally multiple television interviews that have aired around the world!

Resolve within yourself to refuse to allow obstacles to stop you. Instead allow them to refine you!

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