Power of Persistence

Are you finding that you are not getting where you want to be in business or in life in general?  If you seem to be in a rut and you are not currently experiencing the results you want, I encourage you to keep going!  Don’t give up!  The difference between those who achieve their goals and those who do not is often found in the presence of, or lack of persistence!

I’ll just caution you to use good judgement when implementing what I’m going to share here as there is a fine line between being hungry and persistent and being a creepy stalker!  Growing up my parents seemed to love the phrase “the squeaky wheel gets the oil.”  At the time it seemed like just a weird thing  they like to say, but there is a tremendous value in that little phrase.  Most things worth having or achieving rarely come quickly or easily, at least this is my experience.  I have found it to be true in everything from my learning to play piano and guitar to employment to success in just about everything else.

My favorite example happened somewhere in the fall of 1999.  I had worked for a little over two years in Tampa Florida as a radio DJ.  Early in ’99 I left to pursue a gig on a morning show elsewhere.  After only six months or so the situation became unbearable any longer and I moved back to Tampa.  I knew I had left on good terms and really wanted to work for the same broadcasting group as before.  The operations manager was a pretty cool guy that seemed to like me, or at least gave that appearance.  His name was Paul.  I sent him my resume and latest air check of my work and sought employment.  He responded that there was nothing available.  That wasn’t good enough for me!  I set out to be that squeaky wheel and keep squeaking in his ear until the oil came!  I don’t recall now the exact interval but it’s probably safe to say I called him every 7 to 10 days asking if there were any openings at all, and that I would take any job just to get my foot in the door, even would be interested in a job that wasn’t on the air.  Week after week the answer was the same, no.  I could tell from his voice he was beginning to get annoyed!  I was always as polite and gracious as I could be and thanked him for taking my call.  I started to call at times I knew he would not be taking calls so I could leave voice mail messages for him so as to not be so “in his face.”  After about two months I got him on the phone and a somewhat frustrated sounding Paul said to me, “If I get you an interview at…will you leave me alone?”  A quick and cheerful “Yes” was my response came out and I thanked him profusely.  The interview landed me the job and my persistence paid off!

I certainly was not by any stretch of the imagination the best person for the job.  I was not the smoothest, most entertaining personality out there seeking a position.  The one thing I had going for me was that people knew me and that I was the most reliable person working there, so I was told by one program director.  That coupled with my high level of enthusiasm and refusal to give up i’m sure is what shined and landed me the job I wanted.

Recognize the power of persistence and be that squeaky wheel my mama taught me to be.


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